Researchers Combat Terrorists by Rooting Out Hidden Messages

Sarad AV jtrjtrjtr2001 at
Wed Feb 2 05:16:18 PST 2005


Tyler Durden wrote:
>Are there certain images that can hide stego more
>effectively? IN other words, 
>these images should have a lot of spectral energy in
>the same frequency bands where Stego would normally

Yes, there should be a lot of noise in the image, some
way or the other. If you reduce the amount of info you
want to send per image, the lesser the chances that it
be detected. Once you detect and recover the entire
information, decrypting it by some cryptalysis
technique is another nearly impossible task. The whole
thing appears to do with politics. Anyway,a lot of
research grants would be spend for stegano detection,
which is particlarly good for the community.


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