Researchers Combat Terrorists by Rooting Out Hidden Messages

Alan alan at
Wed Feb 2 00:21:15 PST 2005

On Tue, 2005-02-01 at 23:21 -0800, Steve Schear wrote:
> At 02:07 PM 2/1/2005, Tyler Durden wrote:
> >Counter-stego detection.
> >
> >Seems to me a main tool will be a 2-D Fourier analysis...Stego will 
> >certainly have a certain "thumbprint", depending on the algorithm. Are 
> >there certain images that can hide stego more effectively? IN other words, 
> >these images should have a lot of spectral energy in the same frequency 
> >bands where Stego would normally show.
> Images that ideal for hiding secret messages using stego are those that by 
> default contain stego with no particular hidden content.  A sort of Crowds 
> approach to stego.

If you really want to send secret messages, just send it in the chaff in
spam.  Everyone is programmed to ignore it or filter it out.

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