Bamford: The Agency That Could Be Big Brother

Tyler Durden camera_lumina at
Thu Dec 29 09:01:17 PST 2005

Now that's starting to make some sense.

Unless, of course, NSA doesn't want us realizing how easy it would be to jam 
major portions of their operation!!!


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>On Tue, Dec 27, 2005 at 10:46:06AM -0500, Tyler Durden wrote:
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> > OK...does anyone know why the NSA has such a facility out there? Not a 
> > of the most useful information these days is natively not of fiber 
>They don't. Sugar Grove was a Navy Security Group station until it was
>recently shuffled-renamed along with some other similar functions.
>It was first selected for Navy satellite communications and then re-worked
>as a listening post. There are lots of interesting stories surrounding SG
>but major telephone interception was not one of them.
>When NSA did do satellite telephone intereception in the U.S., it was from
>Rosman, NC, a site since donated to radio astronomy. Look up Pisgah
>Astronomical Research Institute. The big dish antennas are still there.
>Bamford also says Washington DC is "north of" Sugar grove. Such basic
>errors probably mean he has never "been to the mountain" and looked at
>SG. The mountain is named Reddish Knob if you are ever in the area. It
>was the site of the AT&T relay station before the fiber cables.
>The BS surrounding NSA capability is getting pretty deep.
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