[Clips] US CODE: Title 50,1811. Authorization during time of war

Tyler Durden camera_lumina at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 22 06:19:46 PST 2005

RAHweh wrote...

>One is useful. The other is, at best, masturbatory.

Now always. If a political discussion can uncover likely threat models, then 
there's some distinct usefulness.

Also, the politics of dis-intelligence is also useful. Those worries about 
super-quantum-TEMPEST is a good example: "Oh don't you bother with your cute 
lil' crypto systems, because we can just watch you  at your keyboard 

So if there's some way to modify "write code" to include "code-impacting 
political discussion", then I agree, but I also agree it still gets rather 

But then again, it's not like any male has ever wanted to masturbate 


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