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Subject: Download Piaf, Go To Jail,1283,69905,00.html?tw=wn_story_top5
Internet downloaders could face jail sentences and software makers
may be required to add anti-copying technology to products
distributed in France under draft legislation that's expected to go
to a vote this week.

The so-called emergency legislation would require software makers to
include digital-rights management, or DRM, software in their
products, according to a draft (.pdf) of the proposed legislation
seen by Wired News.

...French legislators are also calling for three-year jail sentences
and fines of 300,000 euros for illegally copying music, video or any
other copyright-protected files.

...But forcing all software makers to conform to special DRM rules
for France alone is likely unworkable, said Urs Gasser, professor of
law at the University of St.

...The lower house of France's national assembly is scheduled to vote
as early as Thursday on the legislation, which has been proposed as a
way to bring France into compliance with a pending European
Commission copyright directive.

...The language of the proposal reflects lobbying pressure from
French media giant Vivendi Universal and other recording industry
interests, said Loic Dachary, founder of the watch group
and treasurer of The Free Software Foundation in France.

"Vivendi Universal, the Business Software Alliance and the Soci?t?
des Auteurs et des Compositeurs de Musique actually drafted these
texts that the legislators are using," Dachary said.

The industry considers the imposition of strong, proactive measures
on software makers necessary to thwart pirates, especially in Europe
where more than one in three copies of software in use is unlicensed,
said Ga?lle Prigent-Protasov, a vice president of software maker

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