State refuses to approve Diebold voting machines

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State refuses to approve Diebold voting machines

By Edwin Garcia
Mercury News Sacramento Bureau

SACRAMENTO - Suggesting the ``security and integrity'' of electronic
voting could be at risk, Secretary of State Bruce McPherson on
Tuesday refused to approve the use of thousands of electronic voting
machines pending a federal evaluation.

The touch-screen and optical-scan machines, made by Diebold Election
Systems and used in 17 counties, including Alameda, were found to
have ``unresolved significant security concerns'' with a memory card
that stores votes in each machine, McPherson's elections chief, Caren
Daniels-Meade, said in a letter to the company's vice president,
David Byrd.

At issue is whether the removable cards, which are used to program
and configure the machines, will keep data secure.

The Secretary of State's office is asking Diebold to submit the
machine's source code for review by the federal Independent Testing
Authorities before resubmitting the company's application for
certification in California.

Byrd, Diebold's vice president of business operations, is eager to

``Diebold Election Systems is always willing to participate in
responsible testing to show that our voting systems are up to the
task of giving more Californians an accessible and reliable way to
vote,'' Byrd said. ``This has always been our goal: to provide a more
accurate, secure and accessible voting process for all Californians.''

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