LA Times on NYT spying story

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Meanwhile, not only is this yet another reminder of the
fallacy of the right-wing rants about liberal press bias,
but President Bush has been asserting that he's told
Congress a dozen times that he's doing this,
and none of the Congresscritters who were informed
have seen fit to tell the public either,
so the President and NYTimes have a lot of
unindicted co-conspirators.

Another LA Times story
reports that the main difference between Bush's authorization
and the powers already granted under the 1978 FISA laws
is that FISA has the Constitutional requirement for
a court to find "probable cause" for issuing warrants,
while Bush's order allows an NSA shift supervisor
to decide there's "a reasonable basis" for wiretapping,
even if there's not enough evidence for a FISC rubber stamp.

		Bill Stewart

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