Tor client over Java LINUX

Tyler Durden camera_lumina at
Tue Dec 13 08:16:04 PST 2005

Well, I've been playing with one of those little Tor USB doohickeys.

But that's a very different thing from allowing anyone, anywhere to pull a 
Tor client down onto a java virtual machine.

Of course I'll grant that such a publically available Tor node offers a kind 
of anonymity that most Cypherpunks would pass on, but I still maintain that 
huge increases in quasi-anonymous traffic* is good for those of us who roll 
our own, more secure communications.


* By Quasi-anonymous I mean potentially breakable, but only through the 
exertion of significant TLA resources. In other words, too expensive to do 
fishing expeditions on big-mouths.

>From: Eugen Leitl <eugen at>
>To: Tyler Durden <camera_lumina at>, cypherpunks at
>Subject: Re: Tor client over Java LINUX
>Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 18:33:18 +0100
>On Mon, Dec 12, 2005 at 11:41:25AM -0500, Tyler Durden wrote:
> > This could allow anyone at a public computer to open a Java-based Tor
> > client (from a Tor website, of course), from pretty much anywhere 
>(though I
> > imagine Tor-on-Java would be resource hungry).
>There's a Tor park Tor/Firefox appliance, which can be started off
>local drive or an USB stick.
>IIRC the author of Torpark might be developing a Tor Firefox plugin.
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