chipping the leaders

Tyler Durden camera_lumina at
Thu Dec 8 08:00:53 PST 2005

Yes. And note too that knowing where the congressthings are at any one time 
effectively gives any determined citizen something akin to veto power.


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>Subject: chipping the leaders
>Date: Wed, 07 Dec 2005 19:06:59 -0800
>At 11:14 AM 12/7/05 -0500, Tyler Durden wrote:
> >Hey...I'd definitely vote for requiring that all congresscritters and
> >senators undergo a chipping and that their location should be
> >available on the internet (say, via Google maps or whatever).
>Absolutely.  Reverse pan-opticonning.  Easily done via
>blogging.  In my district, the republic-whore Christina
>Shea got busted (and disqualified from being mayor
>of Irvine) for griping at the local PD when her live-in
>daughter got busted for methamphetamine.  (She
>is skinny and talkative herself, draw your own
>Cryptome regularly publishes the information about
>the Privledged which they know about us.  Any
>well-linked blogger (ie, NYT-class (snicker) author, ie
>any random yahoo)  can do the same.  Some dude
>in Wash state has shown that its perfectly legal
>to expose the state-sponsored scum in the same
>way (SSnos = beast indices, etc) that they have
>access to us.  Some MIT folks have created the same
>social-network meshing software for the priveledged,
>which they use on us plebes.  Don't know if that
>is kept current.
>Digicams being so cheap, one should regularly surveil
>the ruling class, its part of democracy, albeit that is
>two foxes and a sheep deciding dinner.
>"What do they have to hide"?
>H2O2 30% + acetone, perhaps, with a little sulphuric acid,
>but only Feinstein knows for sure.  Remember the
>ball bearings.
>Moses was a WMD terrorist, and it worked.
>Have a nice day.

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