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 Ian Clarke wrote:
> I do wish you would refer to these networks as those which allow the
> covert transmission of information, rather than those which are used
> for the illegal transmission of information - since I am not aware of
> any networks that are specifically designed for the illegal
> transmission of information.  I think this would help alleviate the
> political problem you raise later in your email.

The concept of a networking technology or a network which is specifically
for illegal information is an interesting concept, for example Tim May
"blacknet" [1, 2, 3] and Biddle, et al. "darknet" [4].  If you would like to
use "darknet" to mean something else then I can't stop you, but I would like
talk about that concept so I need a word for it.



P.S.  The most salient difference between blacknet [1] and darknet [2] in my
opinion is that blacknet is a market, in which participants are motivated by
economic gain, and darknet is a more general concept, in which the
of participants may be various -- including but not limited to friendship.

[1] http://www.privacyexchange.org/iss/confpro/cfpuntraceable.html
[2] http://www-personal.umich.edu/~ludlow/worries.txt
[3] http://cypherpunks.venona.com/date/1993/08/msg00538.html
[4] http://zgp.org/pipermail/p2p-hackers/2005-December/003245.html
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