[Clips] US on the scent of terror money in Pakistan

Bill Stewart bill.stewart at pobox.com
Wed Dec 7 19:39:23 PST 2005

At 10:26 AM 12/5/2005, R. A. Hettinga wrote:
 > <http://www.atimes.com/atimes/South_Asia/GL06Df01.html>
 >  US on the scent of terror money in Pakistan

The US government can't find where the billions of dollars
they gave to Halliburton and other contractors in Iraq went -
hundreds of millions at a pop appear to have vanished on handshakes,
and there's been no serious attempt at accounting.

But anybody supporting anybody accused of being
soft on terrorism, well, we can definitely trace their money.

>   The current operations in Pakistan are being supervised and controlled by
>  US intelligence. The role of the Pakistani forces is to do the
>  supporting "donkey work".

They're saying this, but the examples they give appear to be targets
who are politically incorrect from the standpoint of the
Pakistani Army, not just the US (though it's a bit hard to tell the
players without a program.)

>  Ears obviously pricked up. Soon after, a joint team of the FBI, the army
>  and the police raided Dawood's home in the early hours of the morning,
>  explained Hania Dawood, but her father was out.
>   "We were the ones who suffered from the hands of the police," said
>  Dawood's 75-year-old father, Abdul Rauf. "They handcuffed me, my son and my
>  grandson. They called us names and forced us to tell where Dr Dawood was.
>  They threatened us that if we didn't tell them the whereabouts of Dr
>  Dawood, they would humiliate all our family members and detain the women
>  and humiliate them in front of our eyes. They did not properly feed us. I
>  was the first person who was released because my health deteriorated."

That's the sort of thing that the Bush Administration asserts is perfectly ok,
though it'd be illegal if they did it in the US, at least if they got
caught doing it to white people without having drugs as an excuse.

                 Bill Stewart

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