chipping the leaders

Major Variola (ret) mv at
Wed Dec 7 19:06:59 PST 2005

At 11:14 AM 12/7/05 -0500, Tyler Durden wrote:
>Hey...I'd definitely vote for requiring that all congresscritters and
>senators undergo a chipping and that their location should be
>available on the internet (say, via Google maps or whatever).

Absolutely.  Reverse pan-opticonning.  Easily done via
blogging.  In my district, the republic-whore Christina
Shea got busted (and disqualified from being mayor
of Irvine) for griping at the local PD when her live-in
daughter got busted for methamphetamine.  (She
is skinny and talkative herself, draw your own

Cryptome regularly publishes the information about
the Privledged which they know about us.  Any
well-linked blogger (ie, NYT-class (snicker) author, ie
any random yahoo)  can do the same.  Some dude
in Wash state has shown that its perfectly legal
to expose the state-sponsored scum in the same
way (SSnos = beast indices, etc) that they have
access to us.  Some MIT folks have created the same
social-network meshing software for the priveledged,
which they use on us plebes.  Don't know if that
is kept current.

Digicams being so cheap, one should regularly surveil
the ruling class, its part of democracy, albeit that is
two foxes and a sheep deciding dinner.

"What do they have to hide"?

H2O2 30% + acetone, perhaps, with a little sulphuric acid,
but only Feinstein knows for sure.  Remember the
ball bearings.

Moses was a WMD terrorist, and it worked.

Have a nice day.

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