Perhaps the real reason why Chavez is being targeted?

Bill Stewart bill.stewart at
Sat Aug 27 22:46:38 PDT 2005

At 09:05 PM 8/27/2005, Steve Schear wrote:
>Here's a story that, if true, deserves a much wider hearing than
>the U.S. press is giving it:

While the US certainly has been interfering with Chavez
and generally trying to mess around in Venezuela for a while,
most of what's happening here is just that
Chavez is running off at the mouth for domestic political reasons.
(Pat Robertson was partly doing that also and partly just babbling.)

Chavez is a leftist military strongman type, which in Latin America
means he doesn't have a bleeding clue about economic reality,
but has made enough good speeches about bread and circuses
to get elected and stay in office for a few years,
especially if he can avoid trashing oil production
as badly as his corrupt predecessors did
(not that he hasn't been trying to mess that up too.)

The business about shipping oil to Jamaica is interesting;
he'd previously been talking about selling cheap gasoline
to poor US communities, which was high-grade political bullshit
that he had no mechanism for implementing, and quite amusing.

But fundamentally the US government's problem is that he's a leftist
who hangs out with Castro and has oil and likes to do
"land reform" and nationalize oil companies,
which is not the kind of thing that right-wing industrialists like.


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