[Ryan Lackey in Iraq] Wiring the War Zone

Trei, Peter ptrei at rsasecurity.com
Thu Aug 25 07:39:06 PDT 2005

Eric Cordian writes:

> RAW forwards...
>>  Wiring the War Zone
>> It's a typical morning at Camp Anaconda, 
>> the giant US military base 50 miles north 
>> of Baghdad - light breeze, temperatures 
>> heading to 100 degrees, scattered mortar fire. 
>> Ryan Lackey is getting ready for today's assignment:
>> installing a pair of satellite Internet connections at 
>> Camp Warhorse about 30 miles away.
> Ryan Lackey needs to star in an Ayman al-Zawahri produced 
> video, making short-lived gurgling and whistling noises.
> Making a fast buck off an illegal war of aggression 
> is a far cry from running a secure data repository 
> on an oil platform.

Eric, I think you could nuance this a bit.

Ryan isn't supporting Bush's little war - the military
has plenty of comm channels for C&C which Ryan wouldn't be 
allowed near.

What he's doing is supplying US soldiers with an independent,
uncensored and unreviewed channel through which they can find
out outside views of the war, information which their superiors
won't pass down to them, and a means by which they can
pass back their own views and opinions. Frankly, I'm suprised
the brass are letting him do it.

How do you think the prison abuse photos got back to the US 

Would you rather the soldiers rely on Stars & Stripes for info
on the changing situation back home?

If anything, what Ryan's doing advances the so-called
'cypherpunk agenda' more than anything being done at the
ideologicaly pure but practically insignificant Sealand.

Just my opinions....

Peter Trei

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