Gubmint Tests Passport RFID...

Tyler Durden camera_lumina at
Fri Aug 19 07:56:05 PDT 2005

>Actually, isn't that technically "Spanish harlem"?


> > Look for me: 6'1", 220 lbs and
> > looking EXACTLY like someone would look after 7 years of GoJu 
> > the guy even the locals won't fuck with.
>I know many of those locals, and 7 years of GoJu aint gonna do shit for a
>1200fps projectile.

Apparently you don't. You don't fuck with others they won't fuck with you, 
because someone you don't know could always be packin.

Actually, that corner would make a pretty nice kill zone as it's next to a 
big park with lots of bushes and few witnesses. Think about it, 

> > -Tyler Durden
>Remember, L-IIIa is your friend. :-)

And SG IIIb yours.


>J.A. Terranson
>sysadmin at
>I like the idea of belief in drug-prohibition as a religion in that it is
>a strongly held belief based on grossly insufficient evidence and
>bolstered by faith born of intuitions flowing from the very beliefs they
>are intended to support.
>don zweig, M.D.

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