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Cellphone carriers can listen in through your phone?Aug 5, 2005,
10:20 AM ET by Ryan Block

We?re always a little wary of that very blurry line between
protection of the general public and infringements on basic civil
liberties, but it would appear that according to the Financial Times
by way of the Guardian, at least one UK cellphone carrier not only
has the power (and mandate) to remotely install software over the air
to users? handsets that would allow for the kind of monitoring we
thought only perverts and paranoiacs had access to: picking up audio
from the phone?s mic when the device isn?t on a call. While don?t
think the backlash on this one has really gotten underway yet, and
though we do hate to rock a clich?, we can?t help but be reminded of
that classic Benjamin Franklin quote, ?They that can give up
essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither
liberty nor safety.? What?s worse, a cellphone carrier and The Man
are gonna take it from us without our permission on the sly?

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