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Your telling me there's someone in Telcordia these days that does something 
interesting in the cryptograhy field? Or is that his personal hobby...


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>                              Call for Papers
>               FC'06: Financial Cryptography and Data Security
>                            http://fc06.ifca.ai/
>                       Tenth International Conference
>                        February 27 to March 2, 2006
>                        Anguilla, British West Indies
>                   Submissions Due Date: October 17, 2005
>  Program Chairs: Giovanni Di Crescenzo (Telcordia)
>                   Avi Rubin (Johns Hopkins University)
>  General Chair: Patrick McDaniel (Penn State University)
>  Local Arrangements Chair: Rafael Hirschfeld (Unipay Technologies)
>  At its 10th year edition, Financial Cryptography and Data Security
>  (FC'06) is a well established and major international forum for
>  research, advanced development, education, exploration, and debate
>  regarding security in the context of finance and commerce. We will
>  continue last year's augmentation of the conference title and expansion
>  of our scope to cover all aspects of securing transactions and systems.
>  These aspects include a range of technical areas such as: cryptography,
>  payment systems, secure transaction architectures, software systems and
>  tools, user and operator interfaces, fraud prevention, secure IT
>  infrastructure, and analysis methodologies. Our focus will also
>  encompass financial, legal, business and policy aspects. Material both
>  on theoretical (fundamental) aspects of securing systems, on secure
>  applications and real-world deployments will be considered.
>  The conference goal is to bring together top cryptographers,
>  data-security specialists, and scientists with economists, bankers,
>  implementers, and policy makers. Intimate and colorful by tradition,
>  the FC'06 program will feature invited talks, academic presentations,
>  technical demonstrations, and panel discussions. In addition, we will
>  celebrate this 10th year edition with a number of initiatives, such as:
>  especially focused session, technical and historical state-of-the-art
>  panels, and one session of surveys.
>  This conference is organized annually by the International Financial
>  Cryptography Association (IFCA).
>  Original papers, surveys and presentations on all aspects of financial
>  and commerce security are invited. Submissions must have a visible
>  bearing on financial and commerce security issues, but can be
>  interdisciplinary in nature and need not be exclusively concerned with
>  cryptography or security. Possible topics for submission to the various
>  sessions include, but are not limited to:
>  Anonymity and Privacy           Microfinance and
>  Auctions                        Micropayments
>  Audit and Auditability          Monitoring, Management and
>  Authentication and              Operations
>  Identification, including       Reputation Systems
>  Biometrics                      RFID-Based and Contactless
>  Certification and               Payment Systems
>  Authorization                   Risk Assessment and
>  Commercial Cryptographic        Management
>  Applications                    Secure Banking and Financial
>  Commercial Transactions and     Web Services
>  Contracts                       Securing Emerging
>  Digital Cash and Payment        Computational Paradigms
>  Systems                         Security and Risk
>  Digital Incentive and           Perceptions and Judgments
>  Loyalty Systems                 Security Economics
>  Digital Rights Management       Smart Cards and Secure
>  Financial Regulation and        Tokens
>  Reporting                       Trust Management
>  Fraud Detection                 Trustability and
>  Game Theoretic Approaches to    Trustworthiness
>  Security                        Underground-Market Economics
>  Identity Theft, Physhing and    Usability and Acceptance of
>  Social Engineering              Security Systems
>  Infrastructure Design           User and Operator Interfaces
>  Legal and Regulatory Issues     Voting system security
>                        Submission Instructions
>  Submission Categories
>  FC'06 is inviting submissions in four categories: (1) research papers,
>  (2) systems and applications presentations, (3) panel sessions, (4)
>  surveys. For all accepted submissions, at least one author must attend
>  the conference and present the work.
>  Research Papers
>  Research papers should describe novel scientific contributions to the
>  field, and they will be subject to rigorous peer review. Papers can be
>  a maximum of 15 pages in length (including references and appendices),
>  and accepted submissions will be published in full in the conference
>  proceedings.
>  Systems and Application Presentations
>  Submissions in this category should describe novel or successful
>  systems with an emphasis on secure digital commerce applications.
>  Presentations may concern commercial systems, academic prototypes, or
>  open-source projects for any of the topics listed above. Where
>  appropriate, software or hardware demonstrations are encouraged as part
>  of the presentations in these sessions. Submissions in this category
>  should consist of a short summary of the work (1-6 pages in length) to
>  be reviewed by the Program Committee, along with a short biography of
>  the presenters. Accepted submissions will be presented at the
>  conference (25 minutes per presentation), and a one-page abstract will
>  be published in the conference proceedings.
>  Panel Sessions
>  Proposals for panel sessions are also solicited, and should include a
>  brief description of the panel as well as prospective participants.
>  Accepted panel sessions will be presented at the conference, and each
>  participant will contribute a one-page abstract to be published in the
>  conference proceedings.
>  Surveys
>  A limited number of surveys presentations may also be included in the
>  program. We encourage submissions that summarize the current state of
>  the art on any well-defined subset of the above listed submission
>  topics. A limited description of visions on future directions of
>  research in these topics would also be appreciated. Survey submissions
>  can be significantly shorter than research paper submissions.
>  Preparation Instructions
>  Submissions to the research papers, systems/application presentation
>  categories and surveys must be received by the due date. Papers must be
>  formatted in standard PostScript, PDF format, or MS Word. Submissions
>  in other formats will be rejected. All papers must be submitted
>  electronically according to the instructions and forms found on this
>  web site and at the submission site.
>  Authors should provide names and affiliations at submission time, and
>  have the option of including or not names and affiliations in their
>  submitted papers, that must include on their first page the title of
>  the paper, the a brief abstract, and a list of topical keywords.
>  Accepted submissions will be included in the conference proceedings to
>  be published in the Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science
>  (LNCS) series after the conference, so the submissions must be
>  formatted in the standard LNCS format (15 page limit). Authors of
>  accepted submissions will be required to complete and sign an IFCA
>  copyright form. A pre-proceedings volume containing preliminary
>  versions of the papers will be distributed at the conference.
>  Questions about all conference submissions should be directed to the
>  Program Chairs.
>  Paper Submission
>  Authors should only submit work that does not substantially overlap
>  with work that is currently submitted or has been accepted for
>  publication to a conference with proceedings or a journal.
>  Please check back as the deadline approaches for a link to the
>  submission server.
>  The Rump Session
>  FC'06 will also include the popular "rump session" held on one of the
>  evenings in an informal, social atmosphere. The rump session is a
>  program of short (5-7 minute), informal presentations on works in
>  progress, off-the-cuff ideas, and any other matters pertinent to the
>  conference. Any conference attendee is welcome to submit a presentation
>  to the Rump Session Chair (to be announced). This submission should
>  consist of a talk title, the name of the presenter, and, if desired, a
>  very brief abstract. Submissions may be sent via e-mail, or submitted
>  in person through the Monday of the conference.
>  Program Committee
>  Matt Blaze, University of Pennsylvania
>  Alfredo De Santis, University of Salerno, Italy
>  Sven Dietrich, CERT Research Center
>  Juan Garay, Bell Labs
>  Dan Geer, Verdasys
>  Ari Juels, RSA
>  Aggelos Kiayias, University of Connecticut
>  Yoshi Kohno, University of California San Diego
>  Arjen Lenstra, Bell Labs and Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
>  Helger Lipmaa, Cybernetica AS and University of Tartu
>  Steve Myers, Indiana University
>  Andrew Odlyzko, University of Minnesota
>  Tatsuaki Okamoto, NTT
>  Carles Padro, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
>  Andrew Patrick, NRC, Canada
>  Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, Ruhr-University Bochum
>  Kazue Sako, NEC
>  Dawn Song, CMU
>  Stuart Stubblebine, University of California Davis & Stubblebine Labs
>  Adam Stubblefield, Independent Security Evaluators
>  Paul Syverson, NRL
>  Mike Szydlo, RSA
>  Gene Tsudik, University of California Irvine
>  Doug Tygar, Berkeley University
>  Alma Whitten, Google
>  Yacov Yacobi, Microsoft Research
>  Moti Yung, RSA & Columbia University
>  Yuliang Zheng, University of North Carolina
>  Important Dates:
>  Paper Submission:   October 17, 2005
>  Notification:       December 8th, 2005
>  Pre-Proceedings:    January 27th, 2005
>  Conference dates:   February 27 to March 2, 2006
>  Post Proceedings:   April 10, 2006
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>  Professor, Computer Science
>  Technical Director, Information Security Institute
>  Johns Hopkins University
>  rubin at jhu.edu
>  410-516-8177 (Voice)
>  443-264-2406 (Fax)
>  http://www.cs.jhu.edu/~rubin/
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