Well, they got what they want...

Steve Thompson steve49152 at yahoo.ca
Mon Aug 1 17:39:01 PDT 2005

--- Tyler Durden <camera_lumina at hotmail.com> wrote:

> That's an old pattern to character assassins: "I've attacked you
> publically 
> but I really don't want to have defend what I've said or reply to 
> suggestions about my own motivation."

And psychopaths are sometimes said to accuse their victims of the malice
and violence the psychopaths perpetrate.
> Great. Fuck you too. Hope the new Stazi grab you while you bitch and 
> complain and do nothing.

Likewise, although I rather suspect you would be one of very 'Stazi' you
pretend you hate.  But there is an up-side:  you're too fucking stupid to
be of permanent use to the 'Stazi', and so you can anticpate outliving
your usefulness eventually.



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