[Clips] Finger points to British intelligence as al-Qaeda websites are wiped out

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Mon Aug 1 07:54:26 PDT 2005

Gee, that's great. A global organization that has taken the task of 
worldwide censorship into its sweaty little hands.

Did the google cache'd versions of these sites dissappear too?

Tor networks, anyone?


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>Subject: [Clips] Finger points to British intelligence as al-Qaeda   
>websites are wiped out
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>  The Times of London
>  July 31, 2005
>  Finger points to British intelligence as al-Qaeda websites are wiped out
>  Over the past fortnight Israeli intelligence agents have noticed 
>  distinctly odd happening on the internet. One by one, Al-Qaeda's 
>  websites have vanished until only a handful remain, write Uzi Mahnaimi 
>  Alex Pell.
>  Someone has cut the line of communication between the spiritual leaders 
>  international terrorism and their supporters. Since 9/11 the websites 
>  been the main links to disseminate propaganda and information.
>  The Israelis detect the hand of British intelligence, determined to 
>  the websites after the London attacks of July 7.
>  The web has become the new battleground of terrorism, permitting a 
>  of communication denied to such organisations as the IRA a couple of
>  decades ago.
>  One global jihad site terminated recently was an inflammatory Pakistani
>  site, www.mojihedun.com, in which a section entitled How to Strike a
>  European City gave full technical instructions. Tens of similar sites, 
>  offering detailed information on how to build and use biological weapons,
>  have also been shut down. However, Islamic sites believed to be 
>  remain.
>  One belongs to the London-based Syrian cleric Abu Basir al-Tartusi, whose
>  www.abubaseer.bizland.com remained operative after he condemned the 
>  bombings.
>  However, the scales remain weighted in favour of global jihad, the first
>  virtual terror organisation. For all the vaunted spying advances such as
>  tracking mobile phones and isolating key phrases in telephone
>  conversations, experts believe current technologies actually play into 
>  hands of those who would harm us.
>  "Modern technology puts most of the advantages in the hands of the
>  terrorists. That is the bottom line," says Professor Michael Clarke, of
>  King's College London, who is director of the International Policy
>  Institute.
>  Government-sponsored monitoring systems, such as Echelon, can track vast
>  amounts of data but have so far proved of minimal benefit in preventing, 
>  even warning, of attacks. And such systems are vulnerable to 
>  low-ranking volunteers in terrorist organisations can create background
>  chatter that ties up resources and maintains a threshold of anxiety. 
>  are many tricks of the trade that give terrorists secure digital
>  communication and leave no trace on the host computer.
>  Ironically, the most readily available sources of accurate online
>  information on bomb-making are the websites of the radical American
>  militia. "I have not seen any Al-Qaeda manuals that look like genuine
>  terrorist training," claims Clarke.
>  However, the sobering message of many security experts is that the
>  terrorists are unlikely ever to lose a war waged with technology.
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