Geopolitical Darwin Awards

Tyler Durden camera_lumina at
Mon Sep 20 14:24:40 PDT 2004

>  It's a no, which sure seems to be your answer to my first question.

OK, I understand the "stupid" part, but not the "anxious" part. Should I be 
concerned about your interest in Cypherpunks?

>('He made an unfavorable, on-point response to John Young,

On-point? It sounded like a mere insult, without zero substance behind it. 
In general, I have found that Cypherpunks knock the CRAP out of each other 
(kind of a 'Fight Club'), but most of the swipes are backed with a lot of 
logic and facts. I saw nether in your little post, so in the context of your 
long-term contributions, I thought I'd give you the sniff-test. As of right 
now, there's the faint smell of shit in the air.

>speculation is rather amusing too.  I won't humiliate & confuse you with 
>the truth.

That better not be a reference to King Crimson. As leader of the Cypherpunks 
(I am declaring my leadership right now effective for the duration of this 
post), I hereby FORBID you to listen to King Crimson. Please keep your ears 
on Yes/Gentle Giant/Jethro Tull and so on.

>   Thanks for the dance!  It was....educational, but now I'm bored of going 
>in circles.  :)

I've seen that "I'm bored" comment many times on the Internet. I'll 
translate for you:

"I want to continue to take baseless swipes at opinionated list members, but 
now that you've called me on it I really don't want to have to defend what 
I'm saying, so I'll stop posting until you've forgotten about this 



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