"Forest Fire" responsible for a 2.5mi *mushroom cloud*?

Tyler Durden camera_lumina at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 13 07:00:18 PDT 2004

"Ken Brown" wrote...

>And if there was such a test, how long before China stomped all over them. 
>Last thing they want is a looney dictator with nukes on their borders (If 
>only to pre-empt Russia, US, or Japan intervening). Even if both the 
>Chinese state capitalists and the North Korean absolute divine monarchy 
>still use the locally redundant word "Communist" when describing themselves 
>to us Western barbarians.

I think this pretty much nails it. Actually, I was imagining that there was 
still enough relationship left between PRC and NK for the Chinese to say, 
"Uh, a nuclear test would not be a good idea", meaning (in Chinese speak), 
"No way you're gonna do that". I'm sure the Chinese at this point regard 
their relationship with NK as baggage, though I know the Chinese do 
re-patriate NK refugees, so they're at least maintaining pretenses.


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