Winning still matters, etc...

Major Variola (ret) mv at
Sun Oct 31 13:12:06 PST 2004

12:22 AM 10/31/04 -0700, James A. Donald wrote:
>Major Variola
>> The large pit of smoldering radioactive glass is probably not
>> an option..
>Why not?

They're called downwinders.  Which way do the winds blow in the middle

>You keep assuming that Muslims unite, escalate, etc, but if
>they do, US will escalate also.

No, I assume you can nuke whereever you want, just because we can.
This is my take on your thesis that we are discussing.  Kicking hegemony

up a notch, finishing the job, let's roll...  It will get easier when a
US city
gets nuked.

The folks on the West coast might not like a few trillion curies in
their soup even
if we did get rid of the Indonesian Problem in the process.
Maybe they just need to suck it up,
ask not what their country can do for them, but how they can bend over
for it.
Childhood leukemia is getting easier to cure anyway.

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