Financial identity is *dangerous*? (was re: Fake companies, real money)

Roy M. Silvernail roy at
Fri Oct 29 11:45:41 PDT 2004

Dave Howe wrote:

> Roy M. Silvernail wrote:
>> I'd thought it was so Microsoft could offer an emulation-based migration
>> path to all the apps that would be broken by Longhorn.  MS has since
>> backed off on the new filesystem proposal that would have been the
>> biggest source of breakage (if rumors of a single-rooted, more *nix-like
>> filesystem turned out to be true).
> To be fair to MS, that is already here - you can "mount" NFS volumes 
> as subfolders in 2K and above, just like unix. however, MS don't 
> really seem to want to crow about that - just in case someone points 
> out unix did this literally decades ago....

I was thinking more of the rumor that Longhorn's filesystem would start 
at '/', removing the 'X:' and the concept of separate drives (like unix 
has done for decades :) ).  When I first saw this discussed, the 
consensus was that it would break any application that expected to use 
'X:\PATH'-style filenames or chdrive() (or whatever that lib call to 
change the default drive is).  Someone suggested that MS might ship an 
emulator to handle translation (at some non-trivial cost in performance, 
else no one would have an incentive to refactor) until the vendors could 
rewrite their apps to use the new native filesystem.

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