Airport insanity

James A. Donald jamesd at
Sat Oct 23 20:36:57 PDT 2004

John Kelsey
> > > I'm still trying to understand the moral theory on which
> > > you differentiate hitting the two towers from the
> > > Oklaholma City bombing.

James A. Donald:
> > The pentagon did not have a branch office in the two
> > towers. BATF had an office in the Murrah building.

"J.A. Terranson"
> Bzzzt!  Try again.
> There were a number of federales in the towers, INCLUDING
> atf, all the various branches of the armed services, and a
> large number of spook proxy points.

 You guys just keep making up facts.

There were no branches of the armed services in the towers.
You are just spouting bullshit, like the story that Osama Bin
Laden was trained by the CIA, that Saddam was installed in a
CIA coup, and all those similar lies made up to rationalize
terror.  Just a few posts ago someone posted that old one that
the US started the Korean war by attacking North Korea, in
order to make the US rich by imposing poverty on Koreans,
despite the fact that we now have the records of Stalin
ordering the attack, and despite the obvious and dramatic
difference in wealth everywhere between the two sides of the
line where the iron curtain used to be - and still is in Korea.

The same people spout the new lies in the same breath as they
spout the old lies. 

         James A. Donald

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