Airport insanity.."Ethnicity" is Bullshit

James A. Donald jamesd at
Mon Oct 18 20:31:25 PDT 2004

Tyler Durden
> > Let's just state the obvious: September 11th occurred not 
> > because we had a few "crazy Muslim fundamentalists" out
> > there that decided they "hate our freedoms". The struck us
> > because we've been fuckin' over a large swath of the Muslim
> > (not only Arab) world for 100 years or so

James A. Donald:
> And the reason they are murdering Iraqi Christians,
> Filipinos, Ambionese and Timorese is?

And I forgot to mention a hundred thousand or more Sudanese,
not to mention that Al Quaeda murdered far more Afghans than

         James A. Donald

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