At least there's some (attempt at) common sense in airline security

Peter Gutmann pgut001 at
Fri Oct 15 01:13:46 PDT 2004

Ease off says air security boss

Security on domestic flights is too strict and should be downgraded, says the
head of the Aviation Security Service.

General manager Mark Everitt, a former police detective with 21 years'
experience, said if he had his way passengers would be able to take Swiss Army
knives and other small, sharp objects on board domestic flights.

"I'm actually an advocate for letting these things back on the aircraft. It's
time to back up a little," he told delegates at the Police Association's
annual conference yesterday.

But New Zealand had to meet international security standards and his personal
view was not enough to instigate a review of security standards.

Knowing levels of risk was the key to ensuring flights were safe, said Mr
Everitt. The banning of small knives did not stop attacks in the air.


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