Weblinks sponsors the Senior National Cricket Team Uniforms

R. A. Hettinga rah at shipwright.com
Thu May 20 13:05:43 PDT 2004


Radio Anguilla 

Thursday, 20 May, 2004 12:23 PM


Weblinks  sponsors the Senior National Cricket Team Uniforms

Anguilla's  newly formed Telecommunications Company Weblinks, has taken the
initiative to sponsor a number of uniforms for the  Anguilla Senior
National Cricket team.

The  National team will participate in the Leeward Islands Cricket
Tournament - slated  to begin on May 28.

Speaking during a presentation ceremony and cocktail last night  at
Paradise Cove Resort, President of the Anguilla Cricket Association  Mr
Gerard Gumbs underscored the importance of the development of  society
through sports.

"I am proud to say that as local Anguillians, they have seen  the need to
contribute further to the development of the Anguillian  society by
contributing wholeheartedly to the sponsorship of the  uniform for the
local Cricket Team. These guys are truly Anguillians  at heart who believe
they can make a difference in helping to nurture  a good society through
their contribution to the sport of Cricket.  Let us not underestimate the
value that playing sports has on the  lives of our people, especially our
young people. Sports is still  today, an aspect of our life that calls for
tremendous personal discipline,  on and off the field of play. If you check
professional sportsmen,  most of them talk about being role models within
their community  and giving back to their communities. It is through
efforts such  as this sponsorship that we here in Anguilla can mold young
people  into productive men and women, as interaction through sports helps
to build character, respect and discipline." President of the  Anguilla
Cricket Association Mr Gerard Gumbs.

In making the presentation, Weblinks representative, Mr Kennedy  Hodge
stated that he hopes Weblinks will someday be able to provide  sponsorship
for all expenses of the National Team.

The Company has this year provided team members with three warm  up
t-shirts, playing shirts, warm up pants and a travelling shirt.

 Weblinks  is a locally owned and based company that has been in operation
since late 1999.

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