[Asrg] Re: 3. Proof-of-work analysis

Mark Baugher mbaugher at cisco.com
Wed May 19 16:38:32 PDT 2004

At 03:02 PM 5/19/2004, Barry Shein wrote:

>I'm still amazed that anyone takes this proof-of-work/hashcash stuff

I think it's grounded in some well-accepted DoS defence principles that are 
found in cookie protocols like Photuris and ISAKMP.


>At best it's the "War Games" approach, let's make the server play
>tic-tac-toe with itself to avoid nuclear holocaust, or the Bill
>Shatner logical paradox that makes the robot's head blow up.
>The Sphinx's riddle also comes to mind, works better for supernatural
>beings however.
>I realize the defense of the dumbest ideas is always that any
>criticism can be represented as rudeness, ``how rude of you not to see
>the brilliance of my ideas!'', so one goes on and on anyhow but I
>wonder if there's any way to disabuse this nonsense once and for all,
>particularly in the minds of those who think it's a good idea?
>In the words of someone famous whose name I'll leave out of this: This
>idea isn't right, why, it isn't even wrong!
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