ID Pass? But I Am Mayor..

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 By Geoffrey Lakeman


SELF-important mayor Anne Rey refused to open a police conference in her
town - because she had to wear a security pass.

Home Secretary David Blunkett will wear official ID at the meeting in
Bournemouth, Dorset.

But councillor Rey was "insulted" when asked for a passport photo for her
pass, and said wearing her robes should be enough.

Clive Chamberlain of the Dorset Police Federation, which is hosting the
Police Federation Conference at Bournemouth International Centre, said:
"She's being very silly.

"The Home Secretary will be wearing a pass and when the Prime Minister
comes to conferences he wears a pass too.

"I don't know who she thinks she is. Her stance will embarrass the people
of Bournemouth."

Bournemouth-born Mrs Rey, 47, said: "I'd have thought going in my robes,
wearing my chains and going with the mace-bearer would be enough."

Deputy mayor David Baldwin, who will wear ID, will open the event.

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