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Sun May 16 03:47:00 PDT 2004

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"This is going to push the envelope on a lot of fronts," said George
Markowsky, president of Ayers Island LLC. "The goal is to detect anyone
coming onto the island at any point, and to follow them if they exhibit
suspicious behavior."

When an envelope is pushed, especially in this case, it does so ALL
fronts.  The scenario is that *Man creates best-of surveillance and
Good-vs-Evil differential/profiling system* with the reaction from this
being *Evil changes to look more like Good*.  Leaders and people alike
often don't see validity in the second.  Now don't get me wrong, I want
the Ayers Island project to happen.  I believe the work put in to this
island and the boundaries it will push have already been pushed and are
essential if not inevitable to happen in a more public manner.  I'm just
trying to find a way to use this to remind people of the forgotten effects.

So, I'm curious if anyone would want to work together in building a
simple online forum for chronicling the eventual subversion of their
profiling system?  The objective would be to track vulnerabilities in
the methods used to determine "suspicious behavior" more so than
technical vulnerabilities (such as, say, the fence system.)  It would
not be directly involved with any activity itself.  Example content
might be a story from someone that found a way to roam with a false ID,
or no ID at all... or footage of reverse surveillance (see: )


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