We're jamming, we're jamming, we hope you like jammin too

Trei, Peter ptrei at rsasecurity.com
Wed May 12 11:30:22 PDT 2004

You might want to look at the work RSA Labs is doing on 'blocker tags'.
These are special tags which leverage the mechanism used to disambiguate
the presence of multiple tags to make it look as if you are carrying
2^n (n usually 128) different tags at once.

They propose a protocol to make them only block tags for items which
have undergone sale to their final owner, but the idea could be 
applied to all tags.


Peter Trei
Full Disclosure: I work for RSA

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> At 03:09 PM 5/11/04 +0200, Eugen Leitl wrote:
> >The second covers a "hacking the system" concept.  I'd considered
> >something similar myself, though different in approach.  Rather than
> >finding RFID chips and "redistributing" them, why not create
> >programmable RFID broadcasters which could spoof other chips, and
> >distribute these.  The idea being to pollute any RFID 
> detectors with a
> >vast spew of superfluous data.
> RFID jamming should be very easy and a quite amusing DoS attack
> on commercial targets.  Easy because its not frequency hopping, low
> power, and relatively low frequency.  Particularly cute would be
> transmitting sex-toy codes intermittently.
> ASK any Elmer you happen to see,
> what's the best jamming, RFID..
> (With apologies to the tuna industry and those too young to
> know the jingle.  Or to know the RF double meanings.)

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