We're jamming, we're jamming, we hope you like jammin too

Major Variola (ret) mv at cdc.gov
Wed May 12 13:55:06 PDT 2004

>> ASK any Elmer you happen to see,
>> what's the best jamming, RFID..
>> (With apologies to the tuna industry and those too young to
>> know the jingle.  Or to know the RF double meanings.)

>Interesting cultural reference that goes entirely above my head with a
>cute swooshing sound.
>Care to explain, please? :)

I hope the subject line was not too obscure, mon.

ASK = amplitude shift keying, which I believe is the RFID modulation
Elmer = guru/wizard/elder in HAMspeak
Jingle: Ask any mermaid you happen to see, what's the best tuna? Chicken
of the sea.
Ie, fish in cans.

Sorry Charlie.  Charlie don't surf, but that's because tuna cans don't
give enough forward gain.

Tying knots in the cultural web,

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