SASSER Worm Dude

Dave Howe DaveHowe at
Tue May 11 04:47:49 PDT 2004

Tyler Durden wrote:
> "HANOVER, Germany -- German police have arrested an 18-year-old man
> suspected of creating the Sasser computer worm, believed to be one of
> the Internet's most costly outbreaks of sabotage."
> Note the "18 year old MAN" and "sabotage"...
> So a HS kid, living with his parents, is able to write a worm that
>   takes out millions and millions of computers throughout the world
> running the latest MS OS. Uh....shouldn't we arrest Bill Gates first?
I think you are thinking in terms of the American age scale - In england
(and over most of europe although obviously it varies), 18 is old enough
to marry without parental permission, be served in a bar, drive, and be a
practicing homosexual.  At 16 you can have hetrosexual relationships,
marry with parental permission, work (and pay taxes) and rent property in
your own name (you can *own* property from 12)

Most schooling ends at 16, college 18, university (assuming a 3 year
course) 21. I would assume a german at 18 is either at university or
considered of employable age - well into majority.  So legally, "man" is
ok - obviously, this is a shallow typical Skript Kiddie who probably still
lives with his parents, but legally that isn't the case.

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