[linux-elitists] Two on RFID from Politech: Hack the tech, & Gilmore's dystopia

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begin Donnie Barnes quotation of Mon, May 10, 2004 at 08:24:19PM -0400:

> Of course, we can choose to not buy those tires.  At least until all
> tires have them.

  In the TREAD Act of November 1, 2000, Congress
  required the National Highway Traffic Safety
  Administration (NHTSA) to develop a rule requiring
  all new motor vehicles to be equipped with a warning
  system to indicate to the operator when a tire is
  significantly underinflated.


  Each sensor had a unique digital identification
  code so that the particular tire with low pressure
  could be identified on the driver's display. The
  digital identification code also prevented signals
  from other vehicles' sensors from being analyzed
  by the TPMS.


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