[IP] microsoft offers "whitelist"

Tyler Durden camera_lumina at hotmail.com
Thu May 6 07:21:38 PDT 2004

Well, I want a piece of this!

What I want is a sort of $$$-barrier that I can raise or lower as my mood 
hits me. If a spammer (be it Citibank or "Do U Want a Bigger Pe-ni$" is 
willing to pre-pay above my barrier, then the spam hits my inbox (I make no 
claim that I'll read it, however....), and I get a few cents. I can raise or 
lower the barrier any way/time I want. Every now and then I may even make 
some purchase to encourage more spammers to send me money (as they exchange 
target email lists).


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>"A whitelist for my friends." Check.
>"All others pay cash." Next? Anybody get this? Anybody??
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>Microsoft offers anti-spam bypass
>Hotmail, MSN operator adopts program that will allow marketers to bypass
>filters by paying a bond.
>May 5, 2004: 6:28 AM EDT
>WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp. said Wednesday it has adopted an
>e-mail "whitelist" program by IronPort Systems Inc. that will allow
>legitimate marketers to thread the gauntlet of spam filters protecting its
>Microsoft's Hotmail and MSN e-mail services, which together claim 170
>million regular users, will require marketers to put money up front if they
>wish to ensure their messages aren't mistaken for unwanted spam.
>IronPort's "Bonded Sender" service guarantees that legitimate marketers who
>post a cash bond and adhere to a set of guidelines will get their messages
>"It's the exact opposite of blocking. It says, 'Hey you're a good guy, I'm
>not going to run you through the metal detectors," said Tom Gillis,
>IronPort's vice president for marketing.
>Such a "whitelist" approach requires the active cooperation of marketers --
>a much more likely prospect now that Microsoft has signed up, Gillis said.
>Unsolicited bulk messages now account for roughly two-thirds of all e-mail,
>according to several estimates.
>Internet providers use filters to examine incoming messages and consult
>"blacklists" to block traffic from computers known to send out spam.
>IronPort's approach rewards e-mail senders who agree to be held accountable
>for their messages.
>Participating marketers must demonstrate a history of responsible e-mailing
>and must provide an easy way for consumers to opt out of future mailings,
>among other things.
>Those found to be engaging in abusive behavior forfeit a cash bond of up to
>$20,000, Gillis said.
>Internet providers are considering other ways to make e-mail more reliable.
>Both Microsoft and Yahoo Inc. (YHOO: Research, Estimates) are developing
>authentication systems that could make it harder for spammers to
>appropriate others' e-mail addresses.
>Other methods would make spamming less profitable by sucking up computing
>power or requiring human input every time a message is sent.
>"When you add these up over time, it will be uneconomical to send out
>spam," said Microsoft spam specialist George Webb.
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