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Pearl of Great Price

>From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Pearl of Great Price (PGP) is a collection of scriptures of the Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The PGP includes: the Book of Abraham, a
book dealing with Abraham's journeys in Egypt, containing many distinctive
Mormon doctrines such as eternal progression; the Book of Moses, which
comes from the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible; the Joseph
Smith-History, a history of the early Mormon church by Joseph Smith; Joseph
Smith-Matthew, a translation of a portion of the Gospel of Matthew by
Joseph Smith; and the Articles of Faith, a brief summary of the major
doctrines of the Mormon faith written by Joseph Smith for a newspaper.

 Considerable controversy surrounds the Book of Abraham, and the Papyri
that some claim it was translated from. Others dispute that such papyri
have been found, or dispute that Smith used direct revelation from God,
rather than any other source write it.

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 The Pearl of Great Price also refers to a parable told by Jesus Christ,
recounted at Matthew 13:45-46 in explaining the Kingdom of Heaven. A man
discovered that a certain field had an extremely valuable pearl in it. He
then sold all that he had to raise money to purchase the field, so that he
could obtain the pearl, with the final result that he was wealthier than

 The Pearl, a 14th century Middle English alliterative poem written by the
Pearl Poet, makes allusion to the parable in describing the narrator's dead
daughter, Pearl.

 It begins:
 Perle, pleasaunte to prynces paye
 To clanly clos in golde so clere,
 Oute of oryent, I hardyly saye,
 Ne proued I neuer her precios pere.

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