[IP] When police ask your name, you must give it, Supreme Court says (fwd from dave at farber.net)

Gabriel Rocha gabe at seul.org
Mon Jun 21 23:52:15 PDT 2004

		On Jun 21 2004, Steve Schear wrote:
| Not a problem.  Its legal to use any name you wish, including those that 
| use gyphs and sounds which cannot be represented by standard Roman and 
| non-Roman alphabets (as is common in some African tribes).  So, those that 
| wish to avoid this data base nightmare can legally adopt name which does 
| not conform.

Well, in principle this is a nice "screw you" method. But in practice...
well, if you have to write down your name because the sound doesn't
exist or can't be pronounced, you're that much more singled out eh...
And for those of us who wish to travel, well, passports become difficult
to manage I suspect. I am quite surprised with this ruling actually (I
haven't yet read the specifics) but the first impression of it says that
this does not bode well for opponents of the "War on Terrorism" (tm) or
for anyone who doesn't like the great big database in the sky...

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