Reverse Scamming 419ers

ken bbrow07 at
Tue Jun 15 08:45:42 PDT 2004

Eric Cordian wrote:

> But Nigeria is a very poor country, with high unemployment, where people are 
> forced by economic circumstances to do almost anything to try and feed their 
> families. 

The 419ers aren't the starving poor - they know exactly what they 
are doing and have got the resources to do it.   And they have no 
scruples about ripping off fellow Africans either. Getting rid of 
them might be doing the majority of Nigerians a favour.

> It seems to me the relationship between affluent Americans and poor 
> Nigerians is an example of a dominant class/subordinate class structure, and 
> in such a structure, the subordinate class has rights, and the dominant 
> class has responsibilities.

Nigeria's a big country. Nearly everyone there is poor. But there 
are still a great many rich. And not many of them got rich honestly.

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