Breaking Iranian Codes (Re: CRYPTO-GRAM, June 15, 2003)

geer at geer at
Tue Jun 15 13:30:08 PDT 2004

>   Maybe Chalabi read the story himself and invented the
>   snitch to make it seem more important than it was, or to
>   drive the US security community nuts with an orgy of
>   internal witch-hunting.  Given the lack of further
>   information, it could have been just about anything.

Maybe Chalabi made up a story that turned out
to be true and, like the 1965 movie "I saw what
you did and I know who you are" where a pair
of teenagers make prank calls at random and say
that sentence -- which is fun until they ring
up a guy who just murdered his wife -- now has
to explain that which is impossible to explain.


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