Cruise Missile Clearance! Everything that Blows Shit Up Must Go!

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Fri Jul 30 08:47:10 PDT 2004

My name is Bruce Simpson and I'm the guy who designed and built a low-cost cruise missile last year (as extensively reported by the world's media).

As a result of this, the New Zealand government has seen fit to ensure that I can no longer engage in the activities, research or other work that resulted in this project. Indeed, I'm now effectively prohibited from using any of my key skills to support myself and my family, leaving us very much on the breadline.

I have been forced to move from the modern 2,500 sq ft house (2 bathrooms, six bedrooms) I used to own, to a series of old and run-down rented houses, finally leading me to the current rat and flea-infested dwelling I'm in now.

My family have suffered greatly as a result of this and, to be quite frank, I've had enough.

It would appear that the only way for me to now survive with anything like a modest standard of living is to offer my skills, knowledge and experience to anyone outside of New Zealand who is willing to pay for them.

So, if you're located outside of New Zealand and need a missile (or UAV or RPV) designed, built and tested for you, I'm the person to talk to.

I won't charge you millions of dollars like the big-boys might. I won't question your politics or religious beliefs. I simply ask that you provide me with travel to your location plus safe, warm, comfortable accommodation for the duration of the project, and employ me at an agreed rate for my services.

Whether you're a verysmall nation looking to extend its military capabilities while perhaps creating a highly profitable export industry, or an entrepreneur seeking to enter the massive market low-cost UAVs, RPVs and other pilotless vehicles, or whether you just want a single missile to mount on your SUV as a roof ornament -- I'm your man.

Events of the past year have taught me the folly of patriotism, putting the interests of others ahead of your own, and trying to work with government to improve the security of the nation -- so I given up on that and adopted a far more mercenary attitude.

Note however, that I will not knowingly work for anyone involved in the planning or committing of terrorist acts.

Now I'm prepared to relocate to any part of the planet (at the employer's expense) and provide whatever skills, knowledge, experience and hard work is required to meet their requirements.

If you need a UAV, RPV or low-cost cruise missile then look no further. You can buy 15+ years of professional experience in electronic hardware design and implementation, 15+ years of software development experience, the benefit of 5-years hard-core R&D into modern pulsejet technology, and 10+ years of small airframe design and construction all in one slightly aged package.

You'll also get the benefit of all the work I've performed on my own LCCM project, including engine, airframe, stability and guidance systems.

All correspondence will be kept in the utmost confidence.

If you wish to discuss the options further, please establish initial contact using this form, , after which a more secure method of communicating can be established if required.


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