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Wed Jul 28 22:07:14 PDT 2004

On Wed, 28 Jul 2004, Major Variola (ret) wrote:

> Did you know that your teeth enamel contain isotope ratios that
> encode regions where you might have grown up around age 6?

Yes.  I am also aware that tooth enamel has the interesting property of
trapping a fantastic number of parmaceuticals.  The teeth can be used to
lay out a life history of drug [ab]use, from simple tetracycline use as a
kid through to the occasional lines as an adult.  AFAIK, the tests now
available are simply qualitative, and without accurate date-stamping, but
I am no expert in this area (so if it's important to you, seek
Knowledgeable Assistance (tm)).

> I once worked for a guy who hired Capt'n Crunch, *briefly*.

Yeah.  Most people find John a bit difficult to stomach for long.  While I
won't go into my personal interactions with him here, it is worth noting
that I take pains to point out that John is *not* representative of the
"average" phreak when I teach classes touching on that area.

Remember: John spent a great deal of time bemoaning the fact that
"secrets" was published, and that it was "going to end phreaking", yet
*he* was the one who spent all the time talking to the goddamned reporter!
John is not, IMNSHO, well pasted together.

Besides, he has the most disturbing physical motions I have ever seen in
another human being.  The way he moves his body tells you there is
something wrong - you don't even need to talk to him before the hairs on
the back of your neck start screaming for cover :-(

>  [This is reference to a digression later in the thread.  His dentition
> was not discussed.]

Thank god...


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