X-Cypher, SIP VoIP, stupid propriatory crapola

Dave Howe DaveHowe at gmx.co.uk
Tue Jul 27 18:11:54 PDT 2004

Particularly disgusted by the last paragraph....

| X-Cipher - Secure Encrypted Communications
|The Internet is a wonderful shared transmission technology, allowing
|any one part of the Internet to communicate to any other part of the
|Internet. Like any technology, it is neither inherently good nor bad
|but can be put to use for either purpose.
|X-Cipher can be used to make regular VoIP calls on any SIP network and
|can also be used to make Highly Secure VoIP calls between X-Cipher |users.
|The X-Cipher Service includes:
|- X-Cipher Softphone
|- MD5 or SHA1 challenges
|- 3DES or AES 128, 192 or 256 bit encryption
|- Crypto safe random generators
|- X-Cipher to X-Cipher encryption
|- X-Tunnels NAT traversal functionality
|Eliminate Eavesdropping
|X-Cipher is designed to combat the negative aspects of Voice Over IP.
|X-Cipher ensures all voice stream data is encrypted using strong AES or
|Triple DES encryption. Furthermore, X-Cipher establishes and validates
|the identity of parties communicating. While voice data can be
|intercepted intentionally or accidentally, it can't be understood, as
|it can't be readily decrypted.
|With encryption comes the problem of either managing public/private
|keys, which must be kept secret, or the annoyance of transmitting a
|secure key to a remote party over other secure methods. X-Cipher
|eliminates these issues. No public/private keys exist to guard and keep
|safe and worry about theft and reuse. Each conversation through
|X-Cipher gets a unique secure key generated by an X-Cipher server using
|strong Crypto random safe algorithms.

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