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Subject: [johnmacsgroup] Cybersecurity: they just don't get it...

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Subject: [johnmacsgroup] Cybersecurity: they just don't get it...

I'm watching CNN's Headline News, and they run a story on security
preparations for this week's Democratic Convention in Boston.  They go
at great length, about the extensive network of cameras--approximately
of them, scattered around various Federal buildings and convention
sites--and make it a point to illustrate how the security force, with
wireless networks and handheld devices, can grab the feed from any of
cameras at the tap of a stylus.

So, they show one such device - with it's 802.11b card clearly
- and show another agent viewing a webcam of the Boston Harbor
shoreline -
with the URL of the hosting site clearly readable.  When talking about
cameras, they show several different cameras on different buildings,
of which seem fairly unusual in their architecture.

I now know that they're using 802.11b, and I know the name at least one
system handling the webcam feeds, and (with a bit of reconaissance) I
probably determine the position of at least one camera.

So much for cybersecurity; I can't believe that the Feds even let that
stuff on the air, much less that they did so without obfuscating

*sigh*  What were they thinking?

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