Cryptographers and U.S. Immigration

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Fri Jul 23 09:48:32 PDT 2004

On Fri, 23 Jul 2004, R. A. Hettinga wrote:

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> Cryptographers and U.S. Immigration
> Seems like cryptographers are being questioned when they enter the U.S.
> these days. Recently I received this (anonymous) comment: "It seems that
> the U.S. State Department has a keen interest in foreign cryptographers:
> Yesterday I tried to renew my visa to the States, and after standing in
> line and getting fingerprinted, my interviewer, upon hearing that my
> company sells [a cryptography product], informed me that "due to new
> regulations," Washington needs to approve my visa application, and that to
> do so, they need to know exactly which companies I plan to visit in the
> States, points of contact, etc. etc. Quite a change from my last visa
> application, for which I didn't even have to show up."
> I'm curious if any of my foreign readers have similar stories. There are
> international cryptography conferences held in the United States all the
> time. It would be a shame if they lost much of their value because of visa
> regulations.
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It makes you wonder what they are going to do to cryptographers that try 
to leave the country.

"Please step onto the square marked 'trap door'."

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