Email tapping by ISPs, forwarder addresses, and crypto proxies

Major Variola (ret) mv at
Thu Jul 22 19:44:55 PDT 2004

At 10:27 AM 7/22/04 -0400, Tyler Durden wrote:
>>Gilmore et al used a bunch of old Sun Chassis for his & Kocher's
>>DEScracker.  You think this is somehow more than 100 watts, in a
>>diplo suitcase, nowadays?

My point was, Gilmore et al were way behind what's capable.
Proof of concept needn't be compact.
A suitcase can handle his DesCrack, with all due respect,

>OK, so you're saying that this suitcase takes in say 10 OC-192s,
demuxes all
>of them down to the DS1 level (we're at 50,000 DS1s), demaps and
unpacks the
>ATM cells, and then reassembles all of the packets therein? Questions:

Just for yucks, look up the specs on an Intel IXA processor.

>1) How does this majic box store all that data?

No store, just bridge.

>2) I've been in dozens of COs myself, and have worked extensively with
>people who have spent (collectively speaking) centuries in them. They
>saw such a magic box a you describe, and indeed would certainly know
>someone trying to install one. Or perhaps the NSA has developed a
>device making the box invisible?

Do you think they so naif they'd expose themselves to a poster who dares

post *here* ?

>2) What silicon does t use? Are you saying that the government can do a
>better than 0.13 microns these days?

I'm saying that tech xfer on metal coated diamond is not just
for fun.  And years behind reality, for those with $400 toilet seat

>3) If the majic box doesn't store the data, how does it get it back to

One more time: dark fiber and compact drivers.  Or even your more subtle

unused-bandwith usage, "back atcha".

>As for trolling, well when I do it I do it with friggin' style

True 'nuff.  I mean no harm, only to provoke some to think, is all.
Clearly you are the uber-Sonet-troll.


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