Email tapping by ISPs, forwarder addresses, and crypto proxies

Morlock Elloi morlockelloi at
Wed Jul 21 02:19:20 PDT 2004

>Let's back up. You've got an OC-48 or OC-192 fiber and you want to grab ALL
>of the data in this fiber. Now I'll grant that in real life there's

A. You don't want all data.

A nice illustration on ether speeds is obtained by using simple tools like
putting the NIC in promiscuous mode, using simple reassembler and filter that
discards everything but smtp/pop text parts. This can be trivially done with
tcpdump+awk. The percentage of mail texts is usually less than 2-3% of all
traffic. And it's not even because of porn - it's stupidity of html generators
(humans & software).

B. Even 'All data' is far less than line speed. Average fiber utilisation is
under 4% in US. Buffers!

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