Reputation Capital Article

Major Variola (ret) mv at
Tue Jul 20 21:07:22 PDT 2004

At 01:43 PM 7/19/04 -0400, Sunder wrote:
>Here's a paper/article/screed on reputation capital.  A subject we
>discussed here a long while ago back when dinosaurs ruled the earth,
>etc... well, not quite that long ago.
>This doesn't seem to mention anything about anonymous users, however.

Then they are morons.  Endpoints = identities, some have more
and robustness to men-with-guns than others.  Any meat entity
can have any number of comm endpoints (aka identities) with variable
persistance, from
one-time-session to forever til revokation.

"When I was your age we didn't have Tim May! We had to be paranoid
on our own! And we were grateful!" --Alan Olsen

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