Texas oil refineries, a White Van, and Al Qaeda

Justin justin-cypherpunks at soze.net
Tue Jul 20 14:01:59 PDT 2004

On 2004-07-20T21:47:31+0200, Thomas Shaddack wrote:
> The person in question was just somebody with a weakness for industrial 
> architecture.

You're missing the big picture: A light-skinned person with dark hair, a
camera, a white van and an oil refinery, all in Shrub's home state.
That's a bona fide threat to national security if I've ever heard one,
yet people like you are suggesting we let it slide!

Viper!  Getteth thee back to the deserts of the middle east where you

The DHS has done a lot to make me ashamed of being an American.  I can't
believe how stupid my new guardians are.

It was probably some photo-journalist working on an expose of Shrub's
crooked/failed oil dealings.

"When in our age we hear these words: It will be judged by the result--then we
know at once with whom we have the honor of speaking.  Those who talk this way
are a numerous type whom I shall designate under the common name of assistant
professors."  -- Kierkegaard, Fear and Trembling (Wong tr.), III, 112

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