Reputation Capital Article - 1st Monday: Manifesto for the Reputation Society

Sunder sunder at
Mon Jul 19 10:43:14 PDT 2004

Here's a paper/article/screed on reputation capital.  A subject we 
discussed here a long while ago back when dinosaurs ruled the earth, 
etc... well, not quite that long ago.  

This doesn't seem to mention anything about anonymous users, however.

Manifesto for the Reputation Society by Hassan Masum and Yi.Cheng Zhang

Information overload, challenges of evaluating quality, and the 
opportunity to benefit from experiences of others have spurred the 
development of reputation systems. Most Internet sites which mediate 
between large numbers of people use some form of reputation mechanism: 
Slashdot, eBay, ePinions, Amazon, and Google all make use of collaborative 
filtering, recommender systems, or shared judgements of quality.

But we suggest the potential utility of reputation services is far 
greater, touching nearly every aspect of society. By leveraging our 
limited and local human judgement power with collective networked 
filtering, it is possible to promote an interconnected ecology of socially 
beneficial reputation systems . to restrain the baser side of human 
nature, while unleashing positive social changes and enabling the 
realization of ever higher goals.


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