All your data belongs to Redmond

Ken Hirsch kenhirsch at
Thu Jul 8 08:48:19 PDT 2004


 Major Variola wrote:
>I am currently working as a security consultant at a major kiretsu
>that makes printers/fax/copiers/scanners.  Important eg in
>a hospital where HIPAA requires that info not be leaked.
>Eg the xerox-tech swaps a drive and gets to look
>at the data on it.  Or your accountant is using a wireless laptop
>to print your bank numbers.
>A program I was working on crashed, and M$'s XP asked me if it
>could tell M$ about the "bug".
>I looked at the info the "anonymous" message would contain.  It
>included the data I was testing with.
>I sent a note to my boss.
>Anyone know if this can be shut off?
>[Apologies if this is an old issue.  As an aside, the 3Ghz work machine
>with half a Gig of RAM runs no faster than the 333 Mhz 128Meg Win95
>PC this is composed on.  When quantum computing chips come out,
>if they run M$ OS, they won't run any faster, but the "assistants" will
>be more annoying.]
>"This is by-design behavior, not a security vulnerability. "
>-- Scott Culp, Microsoft Security Response
>Center, discussing the hole allowing ILOVEU to
>propogate, 5/5/00.

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